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SHEware - Syrian hamster embryo assay gone Infrared

The process of assembling a Syrian hamster embryo (SHE) infrared (IR) spectra dataset involves cell culture, interrogation using spectroscopy, staining and visual assessment. In order to put together the dataset, careful coding and spacial record of colonies needs to be done to match the spectra and the scores assigned by the pathologist.

All this is facilitated by SHEware which can organize SHE+IR experiments. Using a MySQL database and a client program written in Python 2.5, it allows for spectrum files import, labelling, visual mapping, report generation and export to other formats.

Installation - Because the platform currently doesn't have a all-in-one installer, people interested in using the software are requested to contact the author at juliotrevisan at gmail.com to get the packages and instructions in how to locally establish the platform.


Copyright 2010, 2012 Julio Trevisan, Francis L. Martin and Plamen P. Angelov.