This page aims to make available for the community the software developed inside our labs.

Please note that this is not commercial software. All tools were initially created to facilitate our research and we aim to share them with other research labs. Some advanced knowledge may be required in order to use or install certain packages. We however tend to provide a fair amount of documentation and basic installation instructions. If you find difficulties installing or running software, please contact the author at juliotrevisan at

Products are released under by the terms of the GNU General Public License and GNU Lesser General Public License.


IRoot: Infrared Spectroscopy Toolbox for MATLAB

Macros for OPUS (Bruker Optics Ltd)

SHEware - a database platform to facilitate the coupling Spectroscopy + Syrian hamster embryo assay

Copyright 2010, 2012 Julio Trevisan, Francis L. Martin and Plamen P. Angelov.