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Biophotonics software (30/Jan/2012)

IRoot MATLAB toolbox: visit the IRoot official site

OPUS macros and SHEware: visit the software section.

Launch on 7th of July 2010

Centre for Biophotonics launch and one-day Symposium took place on 7th of July 2010.

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Microscopy at Lancaster University

Microscopy techniques form the basis for a great deal of research carried out across Lancaster University's Faculty of Science and Technology, from micro- and nano- related fields to medical and environmental research.

A microscopic image of a trypanosome which has been tagged with red, green and blue flourescent markers
DeltaVision Deconvolution microscope-acquired images of a procyclic trypanosome expressing proteins tagged with flourescent markers

The Centre for Biophotonics

The Centre for Biophotonics is intended to facilitate and develop innovative ideas and techniques to deliver new knowledge and understanding in a broad realm of modern science and technology.

The aim is to provide a co-operative and supportive environment to promote and facilitate the use of modern microscopes and associated analytical techniques by staff, students, visitors and collaborators.

The use and development of novel tools for analysing and manipulating micro- and nano-scale objects requires new combinations of microscopes. The creation of this centre is intended to bring together new disciplines leading to enhanced facilities for exploring a host of modern problems and to realize the implementation of powerful new tools that offer potential impact for research in academia and industry.

Objectives of the Centre for Biophotonics include:

  • Carrying out research at the highest international level and maintaining leadership of international and national collaborations
  • Maximising outreach and other advocacy activities
  • Developing strong partnerships with UK industry and exploiting new knowledge and associated intellectual property, to the benefit of UK PLC
  • Developing strong regional collaborations, in part through partnership with the North West Development Agency
  • Training research students and research associates in the use of modern microscopes and in generic skills promoting career development

Steering Committee

The steering committee for the new centre is made up of the Director, Dr Frank Martin, and the following Faculty of Science and Technology members:

  • Denis Koltsov (Engineering)
  • Oleg kolosov (Physics)
  • Hugh Tuffen (Environmental Science)
  • Mark Hounslow (Geography)
  • David Allsop (Life Sciences)
  • Plamen Angelov (InfoLab21)